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Whether it be another Kardashian pregnancy or claims that Obama isn’t really American, fake news tends to easily find its way into our precious digital media space. While the dubious headlines attract readership, what can we do as a society to make sure we are consuming high quality content rather than misleading facts? How blockchain and AI can fix the issue of fake news, PUBLIQ reveals.
- Kerry Flynn and Jason Abbruzzese, Mashable
After years of mass audience production with content under the logic of least common multiple and the domain of algorithms where the winner (trending topic) catches everything to sell it to advertisers, another way to understand the media is needed. Advertisers can find the best location for their ads in active communities, without invading without permission space produced between authors and users.
- Covadonga Fernández, Blockchain Media
PUBLIQ is a publishing platform that compensates people for what they create, incentivizes honesty, and empowers free speech for people and organizations. The applications are broad and expanding but it is certainly what journalism has needed in the digital age. The platform works on a practical level through elegant utilizations of blockchain technology combined with the devoted energy of a growing community. I’m extremely happy it exists because the more I use it the more I see potential in the platform to help solve a plethora of essential problems from threats to democracies and civil society to the individual bloggers and artists who can be paid for what other platforms expect for free.
- Andrew McGregor, Curator of MindshareLA

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